Charging for business fleets

Make charging easier for staff members and break down the barriers to taking electric vehicles on board in your company.

Connecteur de type 2 pour borne de recharge

Choose the benchmark charging solution for your colleagues

Calm your colleagues’ fear of moving on to zero-emission driving thanks to the Chargemap mobile app and the Chargemap Pass – two complementary solutions adopted by hundreds and thousands of drivers.

Un homme et une femme consultent l'application Chargemap pendant la recharge de leur voiture électrique

The mobile app chosen by 1 million drivers

Staff members will benefit from crucial information and feedback from the Chargemap community.

Consultation des bornes de recharge pour voiture électrique sur l'application mobile Chargemap

The most exhaustive charging-station mapping

For over 10 years, Chargemap has been mapping charging stations with the help of the community of EV drivers.

Véhicule électrique en charge - consultation de l'application Chargemap

Efficient filters to locate the perfect charging station

Your colleagues can filter charging stations by score, charging network, charging speed, whether there’s a restaurant nearby etc.

Planifier un trajet en voiture électrique sur l'application Chargemap

The best charging stops at a glance

The smart route planner saves your colleagues time by proposing the best charging stops along their route.

The Europe-wide charging badge

With the Business Chargemap Pass, your colleagues can top up at virtually all charging stations in Europe.

Assistance 24/7 and online resources

The Charging Guide is given to all your colleagues and our hotline provides technical support 24/7.

Test drive our mobile app!

You can download our mobile up free of charge and discover its powerful features. You’ll soon realise how Chargemap will make all the difference for your company’s personnel!

A single tool to manage all the charges for your fleet

Save time by centralising all your fleet’s charging activities on Chargemap Business. A specially designed tool to meet your needs as fleet manager.

Commande du badge de recharge Chargemap Pass

Order you badges in just one click

Order charging badges for the personnel and effortlessly allocate them via the associated interface.

Manage charging by the personnel

You can manage charging by staff members both onsite at the company and at public charging stations.

Manage your fleet’s charging budget

Define a budget per staff member and a budget for your fleet and receive alerts to anticipate over-spending.

A single invoice for all your charges

No complex expense management for the personnel – all charges are invoiced in one go on a monthly basis.

Statistics to help you make better decisions

Use the analytical tools to understand how your fleet uses charging. Export CSV data for further analysis.

Choose a GDPR-compliant solution

Spare yourself the hassle of GDPR compliance for charging management through a solution validated by experts.

A solution equally suitable for large fleets

Cost-centre and business-unit management, invoicing for the entire group or by subsidiary, multi-site management – we have planned for everything to meet the needs of large-scale business fleets for a smooth transition to electric vehicles.