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“We have opted to work with Chargemap because of the excellent geographical cover and the white-label badge service.
We particularly appreciate the fact that we can customise the Chargemap Pass with our own brand and offer our customers additional charging credit, and also the fact that Chargemap fully manages the logistics side. We have an excellent relationship with the sales department! It’s one of the reasons why we chose Chargemap as our official service-provider.”

Aurélien Venet, Head of Digital & Communication Aiways France

“Chargemap shares the same outlook on providing a service as Avis.
Chargemap has come up with a real solution to counter our customers’ apprehension about using an electric product, where the range factor remains a major barrier, thanks to its Chargemap Pass and mobile app which geolocates charging stations in real time. What we appreciate above all is the guidance customers receive to enhance their electric charging experience through aids such as the Charging Guide, which helps them get to grips with e-products quickly and efficiently. We also really appreciate the mobile app and its features, not to mention the network of charging stations compatible with the Chargemap Pass.
All our customers renting an electric vehicle can get the Chargemap Pass online or directly from our agencies. Personally, I use the Chargemap Pass and app several times a week. In a nutshell, I’m highly satisfied with the service provided!”

Alain Diassy, Marketing Manager Western Region Avis Budget Group

“For the launch of the Mazda MX-30, our brand’s first all-electric car, Mazda wanted to offer customers a simple solution to access public charging. With its national cover and comprehensive mobile app, Chargemap met this requirement right down the line. The white-label solution is also an asset and means we have been able to customise the Chargemap Pass using the Mazda brand.

The Chargemap mobile app is no doubt one of the most finely honed in the field. It enables you to locate a compatible charging station rapidly through geolocalisation. The range of features and “route” mode makes locating charging stations so much easier! And Chargemap’s broad community contributes to updating the information available on charging stations throughout France.

We have a high-quality relationship with the Chargemap sales department. From the outset of our collaboration, the Chargemap teams have proven to be responsive and readily available, which meant we could roll out the Mazda Chargemap Pass in line with the specifications and time schedule we had set.”

Tolga Kaya, Product Manager Mazda France

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