Chargemap Business, pleased to meet you!

Backed by our long experience with the general public with Chargemap, today we are offering our expertise to businesses to guide them through the transition towards e-mobility with Chargemap Business.

Our mission

To guide businesses through the transition towards e-mobility.

Our solution

A single platform facilitating the management of all charging activity for business EV fleets.

The story so far 2009

Flashback to Yoann Nussbaumer, an EV enthusiast who dreamt of a world where charging outside the home would be easy and accessible. He devised a collaborative tool bringing together all EV drivers by centralising a maximum amount of data on charging stations.


Yoann and a few other enthusiasts started compiling data on charging stations by travelling throughout France. They funnelled all the data they collated into a new service – Chargemap.


But a vital part of the Chargemap Jigsaw was still missing: a multi-network charging pass to plug into most charging points throughout Europe. Enter the Chargemap Pass!


Businesses started to adopt electric vehicles on a massive scale. An increasing number of companies taking on board the transition to greener fleets contacted us to profit from our services. We therefore set up a brand new product to take their specific needs into account – Chargemap Fleet. This solution allowed fleet managers to organise and centralise invoicing for charging at public chargepoints with the equivalent of an electric fuel card.


A year of innovation and change! The new Chargemap Business brand was launched. The former management interface, Chargemap Fleet, was completely revamped to meet the constantly developing needs of businesses. It was also the year the smart route planner came out on the Chargemap app. This is the ideal tool to prepare business travel by EV.


Chargemap Business unveiled its solution for monitoring private charging stations! This new service means charging activity can be monitored for charging stations both on the company’s premises and at the home of staff members. Chargemap Business became the platform for hassle-free management of all EV fleet charging activity on the road, on business premises and at home.


Let us build a better solution for your business!

At Chargemap Business, we are enhancing our products every day thanks to feedback from our customers. Our experts are always mindful of your needs to make managing your EV fleet easy and stress-free.

Your need? Our solution.

Discover our range of Chargemap Business products to efficiently manage all charging activity for your EV fleet.