Chargemap Business – How it all started

Let us travel down memory lane to discover when Chargemap’s range of services for professionals was developed.

Why Chargemap?

In 2009, Yoann Nussbaumer, the founder of Chargemap, devised a tool that would bring all EV drivers together. He wanted to set up an information-sharing service about charging stations so that everyone could charge up everywhere.

Chargemap goes online!

In 2011, Yoann and a few other enthusiasts started to compile data about charging stations by travelling across France. After collating all the information, the Chargemap service began to unfold. Little by little, EV drivers took up the torch thanks to the mobile app. The growing community spirit is at the very heart of Chargemap’s success.

Launching the Chargemap Pass

In 2017, Chargemap launched its own multi-network access badge – the Chargemap Pass. Our mission: to offer the very best charging experience for EV drivers to foster the development of eco-friendly vehicles.

The creation of Chargemap Business

One year after the Chargemap Pass was rolled out, an increasing number of businesses contacted us to benefit from our services. We therefore came up with a brand new product to meet their specific requirements – the Chargemap Business interface. An easy-to-use, intuitive service designed for and with fleet managers.


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