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The ideal solution to optimise your EV fleet charging budget

Chargemap Business helps your company manage its EV fleet budget and develop the ideal charging strategy for your EV fleet.

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Why optimise your EV fleet budget with Chargemap Business?


Enjoy a unique overview of all charging activity conducted by your EV fleet – at both private and public charging stations.

Cost control

Understand how charging your EV fleet actually functions and optimise the related costs.

Strategic approach

Compile charging statistics and use analysis tools to help you make the right decisions.

User-friendly interface

The practical tool to monitor charging activity efficiently

Using the dashboard, you can display the charging activity and expenses for your EV fleet at public charging stations via the Chargemap Business charging card, at chargepoints installed on site and/or at your staff members’ homes.

Single account

Centralise charging management for your entire EV fleet

You benefit from a single account to monitor and manage charging for your EV fleet. In just a few clicks, you can define access to Chargemap Business and allocate administration roles depending on your company’s needs. For example, you can designate fleet administrators and managers for different subsidiaries or business units, or for your company as a whole.

Management tool

Find the right charging strategy for your business

Analyse how your drivers use charging facilities on their travels and at your on-site infrastructure to ensure optimum energy and budget management for your fleet. In house, you can, for instance, encourage charging during off-peak periods or pinpoint the more expensive public charging points and suggest using on-site facilities instead.

Installing charging stations

Call on our partner installers for your infrastructure

If you want to set up charging points in the car park of your business or at a staff member’s home, Chargemap Business puts you in contact with its accredited partner installers to advise you on choosing the best equipment and supervise installation.

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Save time now and take firm control of your EV fleet budget and the overall charging management of your company.