Attract more customers to your chargepoint network

When you become compatible with the Chargemap Pass, your visibility is extended to the largest community of EV drivers across Europe.

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Why connect your network up to ChargemapÔÇ»?


Your charging points will be listed in the benchmark Chargemap app, taken on board by over 2 million EV drivers in Europe.


Chargemap is the platform that connects chargepoint owners up with EV drivers and helps them maximise a return on their investments.

Customer relations

Improve the quality of your infrastructure thanks to feedback from your users on Chargemap and manage moderation via Chargemap Partners.

Customer outreach

Reach out to new customers from all over Europe

With over 500,000 drivers equipped with the Chargemap Pass, you will maximise your return on investments by making your charging network compatible. Chargemap guarantees the payment of all charging sessions carried out at your charging stations and ensures level 1 support for all Chargemap Pass customers.


Extend the visibility of your chargepoints to over 2 million users

Chargemap is the benchmark platform helping over 2 million EV drivers to locate charging stations, wherever they are travelling. By connecting your network up with the Chargemap Pass, you will benefit from greater visibility on the Chargemap app.

Chargemap Partners

Improve the quality of your charging stations thanks to the Chargemap community

You can access precious on-site feedback from the Chargemap community thanks to the Chargemap Partners tool and improve the charging experience on your infrastructure. The tool provides you with a link to your users so that you can reply directly to the comments on your charging stations posted on the Chargemap app.

Discover Chargemap Partners

Broaden your customer base with Chargemap

Connect your network up now with Chargemap, improve the quality of service and boost the profitability of your charging stations.