Manage charging on your private on-site charging infrastructure efficiently

Set up charging stations in your company car park and monitor charging activity and related costs thanks to Chargemap Business supervision.

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With Chargemap Business supervision, you define the terms of access to your infrastructure and manage energy consumption.


From a single interface, you can monitor your fleet’s charging activity at your own on-site charging points and at public charging stations.


Define your EV fleet’s charging strategy and control the budget linked to charging overall.

Install charging stations on your business premises

If you want to set up chargepoints in the car park of your business, Chargemap Business puts you in contact with its accredited partner installers to advise you on choosing the best equipment and supervise installation.

One platform to supervise your chargepoints hassle-free

Budget control

The essential tool to manage your charging budget

Using the dashboard, you can analyse all public and private charging activity for your EV fleet and pinpoint cost-saving leads.

Access management

Secure access to your charging infrastructure

You can define who is allowed to charge at your chargepoints by setting up different user profiles. You can open them up to everyone, target a specific group of users or select individual user cards such as building access cards etc.

Monitoring charging

Track activity at your charging stations in real time

You can display your staff’s charging sessions at your chargepoints in real time. You benefit from an overview of your company’s charging data or focus on specific Business Units in terms of energy consumption, availability rates, occupancy rates, reduction in carbon emissions etc.

Data export

Understanding how charging functions on your own infrastructure

Chargemap Business enables you to export all the charging data for your business (via an API) and import them into most external fleet management tools.

Remote maintenance

Monitor status and carry out maintenance remotely

For each chargepoint, you can receive an alert for any malfunctioning by monitoring the connector status relayed to your interface. You can then immediately conduct certain maintenance operations, such as unblocking a connector, restarting a chargepoint etc.

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