Manage your EV fleet’s activity at public charging stations

Equip your drivers with charging cards, monitor their activity at public charging stations and efficiently manage your EV fleet’s e-roaming budget.

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Over 2,000 businesses trust us

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Staff satisfaction

Make business travelling easier for your EV drivers thanks to the Chargemap Business app and charging card.


Monitor the activity of your EV fleet at public chargepoints at a glance and in real time.

Financial control

Consult the costs related to charging at public chargepoints and set up overspending alerts.

Offer your EV fleet drivers the Chargemap experience at public charging stations

Already taken on board by over 2 million drivers, the Chargemap pass and mobile app are your best bet for easy, hassle-free charging at public chargepoints.

carte de recharge Chargemap Pass Business pour flotte automobile électrique
The multi-network charging card
  • Over 1500 compatible networks
  • Support available 24/7
The benchmark mobile app
  • Over 750,000 chargepoints listed
  • Smart route planner

A single platform to manage EV fleet charging at public charging stations

Charging cards

Equip your drivers with Chargemap Business Passes

Order Chargemap Business Passes from the associated interface and allocate them in a few click to your drivers or EVs.

Monitoring charging

Consult the activity of your EV fleet at public charging stations

Using a dedicated interface, Chargemap Business relays the charging data of your EVs plugged into public charging stations in real time. In a single glance, you can view the location, driver/vehicle concerned and energy consumed etc.

Cost control

Analyse charging costs and set alerts

You can access an overview of costs associated with the charging activity of your EV fleet off premises at public charging stations. You can define a budget per charging card and receive an alert to anticipate overspending.

Easy invoicing

Invoicing adapted to your needs

No need for your staff to manage their own expenses – you will be invoiced for all their charging sessions once per month. Cost-centre and business-unit management at group level or by subsidiary and multi-site management: Chargemap Business meets the requirements of all companies, whatever their size.

Analysis tools

Compile statistics and CSR data

Understand how charging actually functions in your company and export invoicing data for more in-depth analysis. You can also access CSR data and communicate on your progress in terms of reducing the carbon footprint of your business fleet.

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Save time and take firm control of the charging management of your EV fleet at public charging stations.

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