Offer your customers a turnkey charging service

If you want to enhance your range of products and services linked with e-mobility, Chargemap Business offers you a bespoke charging partnership to kickstart your green-up strategy.

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Over 2,000 businesses trust us

From VSBs to listed companies

Why partner up with Chargemap Business?

Customer satisfaction

Offer a reliable, well-established charging solution to help your customers enjoy a better experience with your services.


Develop your sales brief and competitive edge by integrating a service that enhances your offer.


Our team is there to help you set up a unique project in tune with your goals and brand image.

Examples of collaboration

White label passes

Design a charging card in your company’s colours

Chargemap Business can integrate your logo and colours on the Chargemap Pass. This means you can offer a benchmark charging solution to your customers while preserving your brand image.

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Promotion codes

Offer a charging card for free or at a reduced rate

Highlight your services further by offering a Chargemap charging card to your customers with our promotion codes.

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Charging credit

Take a step further and add charging credit

To give an added extra to your customers, you can offer a charging card with charging credit to the amount you want. They can then use it as they wish to pay for their charging sessions at over 1500 compatible networks in Europe.

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Over to our partners!

“We particularly appreciate the fact that we can customise the Chargemap Pass with our own brand and offer our customers additional charging credit, and also the fact that Chargemap fully manages the logistics side. We have an excellent relationship with the sales department!”

“What we appreciate above all is the guidance customers receive to enhance their electric charging experience through aids such as the Charging Guide, which helps them get to grips with e-products quickly and efficiently. We also really appreciate the mobile app and its features, not to mention the network of charging stations compatible with the Chargemap Pass.”

“We have a high-quality relationship with the Chargemap sales department. From the outset of our collaboration, the Chargemap teams have proven to be responsive and readily available, which meant we could roll out the Mazda Chargemap Pass in line with the specifications and time schedule we had set.”

A charging partnership that reflects your brand image!

Our Chargemap Business experts will take your goals and needs into account and come up with the best partnership for your business.

Do you have other needs?

Discover our other Chargemap Business products to manage all the charging activity of your EV fleet efficiently.