Company cars

360-degree view of your electric company cars charging activity

You can monitor the charging activity of your staff on the road, on site or at home and reimburse their energy consumption as required.

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recharge véhicule électrique de fonction à domicile

Benefits for your fleet of electric company cars


Help your staff to move towards company EVs stress-free with the Chargemap Business app and charging card.

Efficient management

At a glance, you can consult the charging data of your company EV fleet at both public and private charging stations.


A Chargemap Business expert will guide you through your project and support is at hand 24/7 to respond to your staff’s every need.

E-roaming charging

Give your staff the very best charging experience at public chargepoints

Equip staff members with the Chargemap mobile app and Business Chargemap Pass charging card giving them access to over 1500 networks across Europe.

You can view their charging activity in real time and consult the costs linked to charging at public chargepoints with the Chargemap Business card. You can also decide to set a monthly charging budget and receive an overspending alert.

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Charging on site

Monitoring the charging activity at your on-site chargepoints in real time

The charging data of your company EV fleet at your own chargepoints is relayed to the Chargemap Business interface. 

If you are planning on setting up charging stations on your business premises, Chargemap Business can put you in contact with our accredited installer partners who will advise you on the right equipment to choose and supervise its installation.

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Home charging

The easy way to manage reimbursements for home charging

Connect your staff’s home-charging stations up to the Chargemap Business supervision software. In just a few clicks, you can reimburse the electricity consumed when home charging their electric company car.

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Data analysis

Control costs for all your company’s charging activity

The Chargemap Business platform centralises the charging data of all your company cars on site, at home and at public chargepoints. You can manage your EV fleet’s budget via a single interface.

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