Fleet Manager

Save time and take firm control of the management of your EV fleet

With our user-friendly interface, you can monitor the charging activity of your fleet and efficiently manage your company’s charging budget.

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gestionnaire de flotte automobile électrique

The EV fleet management system designed to monitor charging activity efficiently


Enjoy a unique overview of all charging activity conducted by your EV fleet – at both private and public charging stations.

Cost control

Understand how charging your EV fleet actually functions and pinpoint leads to cut down on costs with analysis tools.


A single operator guides you in your fleet’s transition to e-mobility in keeping with the regulations of energy and carbon reporting.

Budget management

Keep your EV fleet’s charging budget under control

You can set a monthly charging budget (per charging card) for charging sessions at public chargepoints and receive an alert to anticipate overspending.

You can monitor the cost of charging on your connected charging stations on site or when your staff charge at home via our supervision solution. This provides you with all the data you need to manage reimbursements or billing for charging sessions.

Monitoring charging

Relay your fleet’s charging data at public or private charging stations

You can consult your fleet’s e-roaming charging activity at public charging stations via the Business Chargemap Passes allocated to your drivers and/or vehicles.

With Chargemap Business supervision, you can also monitor the charging activity of your EV fleet at your own chargepoints installed on site or when your staff charge at home.

Data processing

Pinpoint leads to cut down on costs

You can access statistics to analyse all your EV fleet’s charging activity. To develop more in-depth analysis, you can export the charging invoice data from Chargemap Business and import it in the fleet management software used by your company.

Installing charging stations

Call on our partner installers for your infrastructure

If you want to set up charging stations in the car park of your business or at a staff member’s home, Chargemap Business puts you in contact with its accredited partner installers to advise you on choosing the best equipment and supervise installation.

installation bornes de recharge en entreprise

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Save time and take firm control of your EV fleet charging with the Chargemap Business charging management system.