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Simple, open-book EV fleet monitoring

Make the transition to EV driving easier for staff members and achieve your company’s sustainability goals.

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How you benefit from this EV fleet monitoring tool


The entire fleet’s charging activity at both public and private charging stations is centralised in a single interface.


Chargemap Business guarantees the clarity and accessibility of the data linked to charging your EV fleet.


Your personnel will enjoy a premium charging experience thanks to the Chargemap charging card and app.

Tools for staff

Give your staff members the very best charging experience

The Chargemap mobile app is the benchmark reference to locate chargepoints anywhere and everywhere and plan routes that take into account EV models and personal habits. The Business Chargemap Pass charging card is its perfect counterpart to access over 500,000 chargepoints across Europe. 

Just a few clicks are required to order the passes and allocate them to staff and EVs via the Chargemap Business interface.

Open-book monitoring

Compile clear data on your staff’s recharging activity

You can track energy consumption linked with the EV charging activity of your staff members. You can also access the detailed history of charging at public chargepoints, on your business premises or when your staff opt to charge at home. For home-charging, you can also monitor reimbursements made for the energy consumed.

CSR policy

Simplify your company’s transition towards low-carbon mobility

Chargemap Business helps you lift reservations about adopting EVs in your fleet. Progress made in terms of reducing your company’s carbon footprint and savings in fuel consumption can be consulted on the dashboard.

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Take on board an efficient, open-book solution now to charge your EV fleet.