Large groups

Opt for efficient EV fleet charging management

Whatever the size or organisational structure of your group, Chargemap Business assists you by simplifying the charging management of your EV fleet.

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Why choose the Chargemap Business solution?

Staff satisfaction

Your staff members save time when travelling by EV thanks to the Chargemap Business app and charging card.

Cost control

Monitor and manage the charging budget of your EV fleet at both public and private charging stations.


A single interface centralises all data linked to charging your EV fleet.

Centralised management

Manage several invoicing units via a single account

Business units, invoicing by subsidiary, multi-site management, cost centres: Chargemap Business adapts to your organisational set-up. Invoicing the charging activity of your group’s EV fleet can therefore be managed independently for each unit.

Budget management

Optimise your charging costs and define alert thresholds

You can access an overview of all expenses linked with the charging activity of your fleet on or off your premises. For e-roaming charging activity, you can set a monthly threshold per charging card and receive an overspending alert.

Monitoring and analysis

Manage all the charging activity of your EV fleet

From a single, user-friendly platform, you can monitor the charging activity of your electric vehicles in real time at public charging stations via a multi-network charging card, the chargepoints on your business premises or when your staff opt for home charging.

Private chargepoint supervision

Monitor and secure access to your charging infrastructure

Define different user profiles authorised to charge at your chargepoints: access for all, a specific group of users, holders of a building access card etc. Monitor the status of charging stations in Chargemap Business and carry out maintenance operations remotely in the event of a malfunction.

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Specialised training

Experts by your side in the transition towards e-mobility

Depending on your needs, Chargemap Business offers training courses targeting fleet managers and other staff members. The aim is to help your drivers understand what charging their EV is all about and to guide your business so that the management of your EV fleet is fully optimised.

formation chargemap business gestion optimale des recharges du parc de véhicules électriques entreprise

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Save time now and take firm control of your EV fleet charging management.