Charging for your customers and visitors

Attract new customers to your business and market your own charging service.

Unrivalled visibility for drivers of electric vehicles

Reach out to our community of over 700,000 EV drivers in Europe and attract new customers to your charging stations to make your investments profitable.

List your charging stations free of charge

Add your charging stations to Chargemap so they can be seen by the entire community, making it easy for EV drivers to find you.

Cultivate your presence on our platform

Encourage EV drivers to top up at your charge points by filling in all the useful data and publishing photos of your charging stations.

Give feedback on availability in real time

By giving feedback on the status of your charging stations in real time, you’ll be enhancing their visibility on the Chargemap app.

Connect your charging stations to the Chargemap Pass and attract a new customer-base

Welcome over 100,000 EV drivers equipped with the Chargemap Pass by making your charging stations compatible and reach out to new customers from all over Europe.

Enhanced visibility in the Chargemap app

Charging stations compatible with the Chargemap Pass benefit from greater visibility on the Chargemap app.

The guarantee of being paid by your customers

Chargemap guarantees charges carried out at your charging stations will be settled and spares you any costs linked to payment terminals.

Free up your hotline

Our 24/7 hotline and email assistance provides level 1 technical support for all Chargemap Pass customers.

Install charging stations compatible with the Chargemap Pass

Start off on the right foot by installing charging stations that are automatically compatible with the Chargemap Pass. Consult us and we will put you in contact with one of our partners!

Improve the quality of service at your charging stations

Discover our tool to benefit from the live feedback provided by the Chargemap community and use it to upgrade the reputation of your charging stations open for public use.

Precious data on customer experience

Chargemap provides you with real-time comments from EV drivers and the score they award to your charging service.

Recharge sur une borne avec le Chargemap Pass Business

The ideal monitoring asset

The feedback you receive provides you with data on the origin of any malfunctioning even before you send a technician on site.

Nurture your customer relations

Reply to the various comments posted on Chargemap and create a dialogue with your users to enhance your network and your image.