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Control you company’s EV fleet charging costs efficiently

Chargemap Business is the platform that helps companies save time and take firm control of managing their EV business fleet budget efficiently. 

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How you benefit as Purchasing Manager


From a single interface, you can view all the charging activity and expenditure conducted by your company at both private and public charging stations.

Cost control

Chargemap Business centralises the data required to simplify financial management linked to charging your EV fleet.


Various methods of payment are available according to your company’s needs and organisational set-up.

Breakdown of costs

Manage your company’s EV fleet charging costs efficiently

Chargemap Business centralises the management of your company’s charging budget at both public and private chargepoints. You can set up different invoicing units and ensure the correct breakdown of costs linked with your company’s EV charging activity. You can also add cost centres specific to each staff member and/or vehicle to pass on expenditure as rapidly as possible.

Budget alerts

Set alert thresholds to control your EV fleet charging budget

Allocate Business Chargemap Passes to your staff or vehicles for easy access to over 700 public charging networks. To fine-tune e-roaming charging expenditure, you can define a budget per card and receive an overspending alert.

Data processing

Export charging data automatically to your external tools

For further in-depth analysis, you can export your invoicing data from Chargemap Business and import it into your other IT tools (fleet management tool, accounting software etc.).

Invoicing and payment

Easy invoicing adapted to your business structure

To pay for charging, Chargemap Business proposes various payment methods adapted to your structure.

Your staff do not need to worry about managing their expenses account as all charging costs are invoiced once per month.

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Save time now and take firm control of managing the charging costs of your EV fleet.