A turnkey EV fleet charging solution for your company

If your company has an EV fleet or is looking to launch this type of initiative, the Chargemap Business solution is your perfect partner to manage your fleet’s everyday charging activity.

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Why opt for the Chargemap Business EV fleet charging solution?


No need to install software, Chargemap Business can be set up in your company in no time at all with the help of our experts.

Cost control

Monitor and manage the charging budget of your EV fleet at public and private chargepoints.


A single interface centralises all the data linked with charging your EV fleet.

Easy charging

Your drivers save time on business trips

With over 1.8 million users, the Chargemap mobile app is your staff’s ideal sidekick on business trips to locate charging stations anywhere and everywhere. Its counterpart solution, the Business Chargemap Pass charging card, simplifies access to charging on over 1000 networks and at 450,000 chargepoints across Europe.

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Management interface

Monitor and manage all charging activity for your EV fleet

Via a single, user-friendly interface, you can efficiently monitor the charging activity of your entire EV fleet. Chargemap Business relays the charging activity of your EVs in real time whether they are plugged into public charging stations, chargepoints located on your premises or home-charging facilities.

Cost optimisation

Take firm control over your company’s charging budget

The overview of public and private charging activity will help you find the ideal charging strategy for your company. For further in-depth analysis, you can export invoicing data from Chargemap Business and integrate it into your other analysis tools.

Centralised invoicing

Benefit from invoicing adapted to your business

All e-roaming charging at public chargepoints are invoiced once per month. Your fleet’s drivers do not need to keep an expenses account. With Chargemap Business you can also manage several business units (separate invoicing), as required.

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Save time now and take firm control of the charging management of your EV fleet.