Give your staff access to Tesla Superchargers

Chargemap Business has become the first platform to be compatible with the Tesla Supercharger network. With the Chargemap Business Pass, your EV fleet drivers can now benefit from an optimum charging experience at French charging stations belonging to the Supercharger network open to both Tesla and other EVs – and this is soon to be expanded to the rest of Europe.

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Charging a non-Tesla EV at Tesla Superchargers with Chargemap Business
Centralised management

Using a single interface, you can find the information and invoices for all your drivers’ charging sessions on the Tesla network.


Offer your staff an optimum charging experience on the Tesla Supercharger network via the Chargemap Business Pass.

Just one invoice

Each month, you receive a single invoice for your EV fleet’s charging operations on the Tesla network and all other compatible networks.

How to charge at Tesla Superchargers using the Chargemap Business Pass

Step 1

Share the instructions with staff members

Send the instructions link provided by Chargemap to all your colleagues who need to plug in their EVs on the Tesla Supercharger network during their business travels.

Envoi mail d'instructions collaborateurs
Step 2

Drivers add their charging card in the Tesla app

Your teams have all the necessary information to link up their Chargemap Business Pass as a method of payment in their previously downloaded Tesla mobile app.

Ajout Chargemap Pass Business dans l'app Tesla
Step 3

Validate the requests

For each request to link up a Chargemap Business Pass, you will receive an email from Chargemap to validate the operation. You then have 72 hours to confirm activation.

Validation liaison carte de recharge Chargemap Business et réseau Superchargeur Tesla
Step 4

Track the charging operations of your fleet at Tesla Superchargers

Your drivers can now charge at compatible Tesla Superchargers directly from their Tesla app. Tesla charging operations will be uploaded in the Chargemap Business interface and invoiced in the same way as other compatible networks.

Lancement recharge superchargeur tesla avec Chargemap Pass Business

Find a Tesla Supercharger compatible with Chargemap

From the Chargemap mobile app, your staff can see at a glance which Tesla Superchargers are accessible with their Chargemap Business Pass charging card.

Chargemap filters compatible Tesla Superchargers
Filter the charging station map
  • ‟Chargemap Pass compatible”
  • ‟Only selected networks: Tesla Superchargers”
Chargemap route planner
Plan your charging stops
  • Set up the route prioritising the Tesla Supercharger network
  • If necessary, modify a charging stop by displaying nearby Tesla Superchargers.

Simplify charging for colleagues on their business travels

Offer your drivers an optimum charging experience on the Tesla Supercharger network.