Business and utility EVs

The easy way to charge your electric utility and business vehicles

Speed up taking low-emission mobility on board with your business fleet by choosing an efficient solution for managing charging on and off your premises.

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recharge flotte de véhicules de société et utilitaires électriques

Benefits of the Chargemap Business solution

Peace of mind

The Chargemap Business app and charging card help your drivers locate chargepoints hassle-free on their business travels.


At a glance, you can consult all the charging activity of your utility and business EV fleet at both public and private charging stations.


Now is the time to anticipate future traffic restrictions by initiating your move towards e-mobility.

Easy charging

A single card for e-roaming and charging on your business premises

You can make your company’s activity secure by equipping staff with a charging card so that they can plug their EV in everywhere, anywhere. With the Business Chargemap Pass, your drivers can charge on more than 1500 compatible networks during their business travels and at your own charging stations installed on site. 

As an added extra, the Chargemap mobile app facilitates locating public charging stations and planning the best routes adapted to different EV models and the drivers’ habits.

carte de recharge pour véhicules de société et utilitaires électriques
Monitoring charging

Monitor all the charging activity of your EV fleet in real time

You can view the activity of each EV and driver in real time together with the costs linked to charging at public chargepoints. You can also opt to set a monthly charging budget and receive an overspending alert.

Using Chargemap Business supervision, you can also access the details of the charging activity of your utility and business EV fleet connected to your own on-site chargepoints.

Data analysis

Optimise charging costs for your EV fleet

The Chargemap Business interface provides in-depth analysis of the breakdown of what your EV fleet costs when e-roaming or charging on site. This means you can take cogent decisions on the ideal charging strategy to adopt for your business.

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