Monitor and reimburse your staff’s home charging sessions

You can cut down on costs by allowing your drivers to charge their EVs at home. Their home charging stations can be connected up to Chargemap Business supervision and all costs linked with charging reimbursed automatically.

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Your staff charge their business vehicle stress-free at home without depending on more expensive public infrastructure.


At a glance, you can follow their charging sessions in real time and the status of charging stations installed at their homes.

Cost optimisation

You manage EV fleet expenditure while benefiting from the financial gains of home charging.

Install charging stations at your staff’s homes

If you want to set up charging stations at your staff members’ homes, Chargemap Business puts you in contact with its accredited partner installers to advise you on choosing the best equipment and supervising installation.

Managing reimbursements

Automatic reimbursements for home charging

Simply enter the charging activity to be reimbursed into your interface. Via Chargemap Business supervision, we bill the company or business unit concerned for the amount to be reimbursed and then automatically credit the staff member in question. No intervention is required from the fleet manager or your EV drivers.

Cost control

Control the charging budget of your EV fleet

Enter the tariff per kWh, which can be customised according to each employee’s tariff contract, and calculate the overall cost of charging activity conducted at home. You benefit from an overview of the charging activity of your EV fleet on the dashboard and can pinpoint cost-saving leads.

Monitoring charging

Access charging information in real time

You can monitor the staff’s home charging sessions. The detailed history of every charging session is also recorded: energy consumption, costs, connector status, reimbursements etc.

Remote maintenance

Monitor connector status and carry out remote maintenance

Your Chargemap Business interface displays connector status and you can carry out remote maintenance in the event of a malfunction at the charging stations installed at your employees’ homes. You have control over unblocking a connector and restarting the charging station etc.

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