Re-invoicing charging operations at your workplace chargepoints

In addition to centralising the management of all the charging operations conducted by your EV fleet, Chargemap Business enables you to monetise your on-site charging stations. With this feature for re-invoicing charging operations, you can offset your investment in installing charging points in your company’s car park.

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re-invoicing charging solution in chargemap business

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Ease of use

Activate re-invoicing at your charging stations and set your tariff in an instant from your Chargemap Business management interface.


Chargemap Business takes the weight off your accounts department by managing the re-invoicing of charging operations by your staff members and/or visitors.

CSR policy

Let your staff charge their personal electric vehicles on site with their own Chargemap Pass.

Setting your tariffs

Control the charging tariffs of your private charging stations

For each charging station monitored by Chargemap Business, you can activate the re-invoicing feature with a single click and apply a re-invoicing ratio in tune with your objectives. You can opt to offer your personnel all or part of their charging operations free of charge, re-invoice at cost price or generate an income from this activity.

A QR code located on your charging stations gives everyone access to the following information: the tariff applied, the status of the connector, the authorisation level defined by the owner and a help page for drivers. 

Analysis of income

Keep an eye on the income of your charging stations

You can consult the charging sessions conducted on your infrastructure by your staff, visitors and customers in real time. What’s more, you can view how much each charging session costs and how much income it generates. The Chargemap Business dashboard compiles statistics on the annual income and costs related to your private charging stations.

Tracking charging sessions

Simplify the tracking of charging sessions for your staff members

All staff members who own an EV and a personal Chargemap Pass can use their Chargemap app to easily follow their charging history at the company’s charging stations and the amounts invoiced. 

By activating the “Authorise all Chargemap Passes” option, you also allow your customers and visitors in possession of a Chargemap Pass to charge at your private charging points at a pre-set tariff.

Managing re-invoicing

Chargemap Business manages the re-invoicing process for you

Our service collects from the drivers the amount of the charging sessions conducted on your charge points in order to transfer the funds to you. At the beginning of each month, Chargemap Business sends you the list of charging sessions that you have to invoice us.

Install charging stations on your business premises

If you want to set up chargepoints in the car park of your business, Chargemap Business puts you in contact with its accredited partner installers to advise you on choosing the best equipment and supervise installation.

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