Centralise your fleet’s charging operations at Tesla Superchargers

Mar 2023
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Take the challenge of switching to electric cars with Chargemap Business.

Since the beginning of March, Chargemap Business has become the first platform to be compatible with the Tesla Supercharger network. Company fleet managers working with Chargemap Business can monitor their staff’s Tesla charging sessions via a single interface. Let’s take a look at the advantages this offers businesses and what you need to do to benefit from this service.

How does this connection benefit your company fleet?

You offer your drivers a top quality service 

The Tesla Supercharger network is renowned for its excellent quality of service. With Chargemap Business, you have the key to offering your staff the very best rapid charging experience during their business trips.

They can use their Chargemap Business charging card to access the entire Tesla Supercharger network in France. That represents around 60 Tesla stations open to all vehicles (nearly 1,000 Superchargers) plus Superchargers reserved exclusively for Tesla vehicles, if your company has any.

And this is just the beginning! Soon, this connection will be extended to more Superchargers in Europe!

All your fleet’s charges grouped together 

Chargemap Business is there to make management tasks easier. Consult all your fleet’s charging sessions on the Tesla Supercharger network or any other compatible network via just one interface.

All the advantages of a single invoice

Up until now, EV fleet drivers had to keep an account of their expenditure to profit from the Tesla Supercharger experience during their business trips. Tesla charging operations are invoiced by Chargemap Business like any other compatible network, i.e. once a month together with all your fleet’s charging operations. 

This means you not only save time, but you can also efficiently oversee your company’s charging budget.

How can you charge right now using the Chargemap Business Pass?

Before anything else, you need to follow the procedure linking your fleet’s Chargemap Business charging cards to the Tesla app.

Procedure to be followed by your staff members

  1. Once they have installed the Tesla mobile app, your drivers create an account using the email address of their choice.
    ⚠️ The settings of the account must indicate “France” as the country. Indeed, pending connection to the rest of Europe, only users with an account in France can benefit from this feature for the time being.
  2. In their account, they need to tap “Charging” then “Manage payment” to add the charging pass as a means of payment. All they need to do next is enter their name and the number located on the back of their Chargemap Business Pass charging card.

Request validation by the fleet manager

An email containing a confirmation link is sent directly to the fleet manager to check the requests made. This link can also be accessed via the Chargemap Business management interface and is valid for 72 hours

Beyond this time limit, you will have to ask your staff members to repeat the operation linking up their charging card to the Tesla app.

Charging your fleet of non-Tesla vehicles on the Tesla Supercharger network

How to find a Tesla Supercharger that’s compatible with the Chargemap Pass

First of all, go to the Chargemap mobile app to find a compatible Supercharger in next to no time. Simply activate the “Chargemap Pass compatible” and “Only selected networks” filters, adding the Tesla Supercharger network.

If your EV fleet drivers prepare their business trips using the Chargemap route planner, they can also prioritise their charging stops on the Tesla Supercharger network.

How to launch a charging session from the Tesla app with the Chargemap Business Pass 

Unlike other compatible networks, launching a charging session is conducted directly from the Tesla app. Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Plug your EV into the Tesla Supercharger.
  2. Open the Tesla app and go to the “Explorer” then “Charge my non-Tesla”.
  3. Select the Supercharger station where you have plugged in your EV and go to “Charge here”.
  4. Select the charger number – usually located at the bottom of the Supercharger stall.
  5. Go to “Get Started” and wait for a few moments. 
  6. To stop charging, simply press on the “Stop charge” button before unplugging your vehicle.

What about Tesla vehicle fleets?

You Tesla EV drivers can use their Chargemap Business Pass to access the entire Tesla network in France. 

The charging procedure is simplified for Tesla company cars and fleets. In fact, your staff will continue to enjoy the Tesla Plug & Charge charging experience. They simply need to plug in their EVs and their Chargemap Business charging card will be selected by default to pay for the charging session. 

If you want to find out more about managing charging operations for your business fleet on the Tesla Supercharger network, our sales team will be happy to guide you through your project.