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The easy way to manage charging your EV fleet

You are on the road to making your company fleet greener and have one or more business EVs and company cars. The Chargemap Business solution is ideal to help you manage all charging activity for your fleet.

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The advantages of managing your EV fleet with Chargemap Business


A single interface centralises all data linked to charging your EV fleet.


Chargemap Business offers various payment methods adapted to your business structure.


A single operator guides you through your project and specialised support is available 24/7 for your staff whenever the slightest need arises.

Management interface

A single platform to manage all charging activity

The Chargemap Business interface collates the data from all the charging activity of your EV fleet. You can monitor charging conducted from public charging stations, your on-site infrastructure and chargepoints installed at your staff members’ homes.

Tools for drivers

Offer your drivers the Chargemap experience

Coupled with the Chargemap mobile app, the Business Chargemap Pass charging card means your staff can access over 500,000 chargepoints hassle-free.

In just a few clicks, you can link your Chargemap Business cards to your staff members and/or individual EVs. You can monitor the activity of your fleet at public charging stations in real time.

Terms of payment

Simple invoicing adapted to your needs

To pay for charging sessions, Chargemap Business offers various methods of payment adapted to your structural organisation, such as Chorus Pro for public administrations.

Your staff members don’t need to manage their expenses – you are sent a single invoice per month for all the charging sessions. Cost-centre, business unit and multi-site management – Chargemap Business meets the needs of all structures, whatever their size.

Cost optimisation

The essential tool to manage your charging budget

Using the dashboard, you can analyse all public and private charging activity for your EV fleet and pinpoint cost-saving leads. To develop more in-depth analysis, Chargemap Business enables you to export the charging invoice data (via an API) and integrate them in external fleet management tools.

CSR policy

Enhance your fleet’s greening-up strategy

In line with regulations on energy and carbon reporting, you can extract data on how you have reduced the carbon footprint and fossil-fuel usage by introducing EVs into your fleet.

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