The platform to manage all your business fleet charging activity

Chargemap Business helps you manage the charging budget for your company’s EV fleet on site, at public charging stations and home chargepoints.

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Over 2,000 businesses trust us

From VSBs to listed companies

Why manage your business fleet charging activity with Chargemap Business ?

Tools for your staff

The Chargemap app and the Business Chargemap Pass charging card are solutions adopted by over 1 million drivers and will smooth the path to e-mobility for your staff.

360-degree monitoring

The Chargemap Business software solution means you can monitor, analyse and manage the charging activity of your business EV fleet in real time for both private and public charging stations.

Experts ever at hand

A single operator guides you through your project and specialised support is available 24/7 for your staff whenever the slightest need arises.

Charging on the road

Allocate Chargemap Business Passes to your drivers and monitor their activity at public charging stations in real time. Set a monthly charging budget per pass and receive an alert to anticipate overspending.

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Give your staff access to Tesla Superchargers

With the Chargemap Business Pass, track and centralise your business fleet’s charging operations on the Tesla Supercharger network. Available in France, soon in the rest of Europe.

How does it work?

Re-invoice charging operations at your private on-site stations

Offset your investment in installing charging points in your company’s car park. Take the weight off your accounts department by letting Chargemap Business manage the re-invoicing of charging operations by your staff members and visitors.

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Enhance your services linked to e-mobility

Make the most of the upsurge in e-mobility to develop your turnover through a unique partnership with Chargemap Business.

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Over to our clients!

“The Chargemap Business interface meets our needs in terms of simplifying multi-subsidiary management. From ordering the cards to invoicing, we have an overview of our energy consumption. And the Support Centre gives top-notch assistance for users and our fleet management department alike.”

“lt’s important to reassure our EV drivers by providing them with a charging card they can use on the road and that they can have to hand at all times. It’s all part of our strategy to help our colleagues weather the transition.”

“We particularly appreciate the fact that we can customise the Chargemap Pass with our own brand and offer our customers additional charging credit, and also the fact that Chargemap fully manages the logistics side. We have an excellent relationship with the sales department!”

“What we appreciate above all is the guidance customers receive to enhance their electric charging experience through aids such as the Charging Guide, which helps them get to grips with e-products quickly and efficiently. We also really appreciate the mobile app and its features, not to mention the network of charging stations compatible with the Chargemap Pass.”

The easy way to manage your business fleet charging activity

Take on board an efficient solution to monitor the charging activity of your fleet now.

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