Which electric utility should you choose in 2024? Check out our TOP 5!

Jun 2024
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Which electric utility should you choose in 2024? Check out our TOP 5!
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Are you looking for a recharging solution for your company and commercial vehicles?

Are you thinking about buying a new van and switching to an EV? Chargemap presents the best electric vans of 2024!

What are the advantages of electric utility vehicles?

Set to becoming compulsory in the UK by 2035, the adoption of an electric van will offer a number of environmental, financial and practical advantages for companies. 

EVs may be more expensive to buy, but their running costs are lower because the cost of charging is lower than that of fossil fuels.

Furthermore, electric vans allow companies to travel without any hassle in any city, even those with low CO2 emission zones (LEZs) that ban access to polluting vehicles. 
Finally, electric cars benefit from the latest technological innovations in terms of connectivity and driving aids for comfortable and safe journeys.

Our top 5 for value for money

If you want to switch to an EV, but you’re on a fixed budget, here’s a top 5 list based on value for money. These electric utility vehicles are even more affordable when you take into account the various purchase subsidies available. 

Nissan Townstar Electric

If you want to switch to an EV, but you’re on a fixed budget, here’s a top 5 list based on value for money.

With its 122hp (89kW) engine and 45kWh battery, the Nissan Townstar Electric offers a range of 301km. Its spacious interior, with a load volume ranging from 3.3m3 to 4.9m3, means it can carry up to 800kg of goods. 
Available in two lengths, L1 and L2, the price of the Townstar Electric starts at €23,650 excluding VAT, making it the cheapest electric utility vehicle on this list.

Renault Kangoo Van E-tech

The Renault Kangoo Van E-tech is a compact van. It offers a range of 260km, a load volume of 3.1m3 to 4.9m3 and a payload of 600kg. It is available in two lengths: L1 and L2. It has a 45kWh lithium-ion battery and a fast-charging system that gives it a range of 170km in 27 minutes. 

Popular with professionals, the Kangoo Van E-tech costs between €30,500 and €34,000 excluding VAT.

Citroën ë-Berlingo Van / Peugeot e-Partner

Very similar, the Citroën ë-Berlingo Van and the Peugeot e-Partner are priced at €33,700 excluding VAT and €32,085 excluding VAT, respectively.
They have a 136hp (100kW) engine, a 50kWh battery and a range of 278km. In terms of space, the ë-Berliner Van and e-Partner have a load volume of up to 4.4m3 and can carry up to 780kg. A fast-charging system is available, allowing 80% charging in 30 minutes at a 100kW charging point.

Opel Vivaro-e

The Opel Vivaro-e is a high-performance, versatile van. With a range of up to 352km, two battery options (50kWh and 75kWh) and a load volume ranging from 4.6m3 to 6.6m3, it adapts to every need. It also boasts a payload of up to 1,263kg

When it comes to charging, the Vivaro-e reaches 80% charge in 30 to 45 minutes at a 100kW public charging point. Prices start at €31,341 excluding VAT.

Renault Master E-Tech

The final vehicle in this top 5 is the Renault Master E-Tech. Available in a range of lengths, this van is larger than the models presented above. 

It has a 136hp (100kW) engine and a range of 204km. Its 52kWh battery can be charged to 80% in 2 hours. With multiple configuration options (van, floor, chassis cab), it offers a load volume ranging from 3m3 to 22m3 and a payload of 1,100kg. 

Our top 5 most efficient electric vans

When choosing a new vehicle, are you focusing on engine power, battery capacity or charging time? Here’s our second top 5 list, based on vehicle performance.

Mercedes eSprinter

A top-of-the-range electric van, the Mercedes eSprinter has a 136hp (100kW) or 204hp (150 kW) engine and a 56kWh battery for a range of 400 to 500km. Ideal for long journeys, its load volume varies from 9 to 14m3 depending on the model. The vehicle charges in less than 30 minutes. 

Prices start at €57,330 excluding VAT.

Opel Vivaro-e

As well as being affordable, the Opel Vivaro-e has a long range of up to 352km. With a payload of over 1,200kg and an easy charging system, it’s an excellent choice for delivery companies and tradesmen, for example.

Ford E-Transit

The Ford E-Transit is a van offering 184 or 269hp (135 or 197kW), depending on the type of engine. It is equipped with a 68kWh or 136kWh battery, giving it a range of up to 317km. When charging, it takes 34 minutes to go from 15% to 80% battery. It has a maximum load volume of 15.1m3 and a payload of up to 1,758kg

The price of the Ford E-Transit starts at €42,290 excluding VAT.

Volkswagen e-Crafter

The Volkswagen e-Crafter is an electric van which is ideal for urban journeys. Its 136hp (100kW) electric motor and 35.8kWh battery give it a range of 115km. It can be charged from 5% to 80% in 45 minutes at a rapid charging point. It has a load volume of 10.7m3 and a payload of 950kg.
A top-of-the-range model, the Volkswagen e-Crafter starts at €57,100

Renault Master E-Tech

As mentioned above, the Renault Master E-Tech offers excellent value for money for professionals looking for a large van. It also boasts a load volume of up to 22m3 and a payload of over 1,000kg.  

How do you charge electric utility vehicles?

To charge your electric utility vehicles, you can install charging stations on your site. These will then be accessible to your employees for their personal vehicles and your fleet of utility vehicles. When you’re on the move, the battery can be charged at a public charging point, available in charging stations all over France and Europe. 

A few issues will need to be addressed when introducing electric vehicles into your fleet.

Chargemap Business guides you through the successful installation of charging stations in your company and helps your employees to easily find public charging stations during their business trips. For payment, the Pass Business, compatible with more than 1,500 networks, allows you to charge your vehicle anywhere, at any time.  

Chargemap Business also enables you to stay within your budget, thanks to the charging tracking table, and to optimise your expenditure by analysing the recorded data. Discover the Chargemap Business solution for company and commercial vehicles.

Points to remember

  • Numerous models of electric vans are now available from car dealerships, at all prices and for all needs
  • Buying is not always the best option; leasing can be beneficial for companies with one-off needs and a tight budget.
  • Chargemap supports you in the transition of your car fleet by making it easier to charge your electric utility vehicles.